How to Deal with Menopause

How to Deal with Menopause
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There are many ways to deal with menopausal problems. You can go for lifestyle changes or hormone replacement therapy which will help you to deal with menopause.

The lifestyle changes include regular exercise, quitting smoking and opting for a healthy diet. You can go for yoga which is very good for your health. Another very good thing to do is to practice Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is very effective and many women during menopause have received immense benefits from doing this. You can make changes in your diet like incorporating more calcium, complex carbohydrates and having multiple meals.

Another important thing for women who are undergoing menopause is to enjoy a high level of social support.

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But, don’t wait until the menopause sets in before seeking additional social support. If you are nearing your menopause, try to involve yourself in new and exciting activities that will keep you busy.

While going through the menopause, many women suffer depression and unhappiness due to feelings of loneliness and isolation. Therefore, this is an ideal time for making new friends and to try doing new things.

One of the major reasons for depression at this age is the loss of a partner. Even if things go wrong and you lose your partner due to death or separation, do not lose heart.

Remember that all of us are a small cog in the overwhelming circle of life and have to deal with the good things and the bad with equal dexterity. Menopause is a time when a woman is particularly sensitive. So if you are someone who is close to a menopausal woman, try to deal with her with a lot of love and care.

Hormone replacement therapy is another way of dealing with menopausal symptoms. This therapy involves the intake of estrogen and progesterone in order to make up for the lower levels of these hormones in the body during menopause. However, it is only when one faces severe symptoms that doctors’ advice Hormone Replacement

Therapy. Before undergoing this therapy, you also need to confide in your doctor about your medical history and any personal choices you have about medicines.

For example, one situation where it is best for a woman to take additional estrogen is if her uterus has been removed by and earlier surgical operation. If one takes estrogen without the removal of the uterus, it can lead to many other side effects.

Taking estrogen without progesterone is also not something that is ideal because it can lead to uterine lining damage which increases the chances of uterine cancer. Therefore, if one decides to go for hormone replacement therapy, one should ensure that there is an intake of both estrogen and progesterone in tandem. The best thing, however, about hormone replacement therapy is that it eliminates the signs of menopause like hot flushes, vaginal dryness or mood swings.

There are many women who have undergone hormone replacement therapy and feel great about it. Some have also reported that it helps them to have greater concentration spans and attentiveness. Since one of the effects of menopause is reduced capability to remember things, many women have also felt that even this is improved after hormone replacement therapy.

Apart from all of these things, one aspect that is extremely important is the psychological support that a woman who is going through the menopause enjoys.

Menopause is a very trying time for almost all women because they have to deal with sudden changes in their body and mind. This is indeed a very tough time to go through.

However, with an adequate amount of psychological support, women can sail through menopause and enjoy their lives. It is during the perimenopause period where mood swings and depression are most common. Thus, this is a time when her partner, her friends and her children, if any, need to take maximum care of her. If this phase is accompanied by some great loss, women can even become suicidal. If it ever reaches this level of seriousness, the woman should go for counseling to help her with things.

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