Hormone Yoga Therapy- Natural Menopause Therapy

Hormone Yoga Therapy- Natural Menopause Therapy
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You can also go for hormone yoga therapy in order to deal with perimenopause and menopause. This special kind of yoga therapy is targeted towards hormones and is great during all the stages of menopause.

This kind of natural hormone therapy is aimed at your endocrine system and the nervous system. The endocrine system is the system of your body that is responsible for all kinds of things related to hormones. Therefore natural treatment directed towards this system helps relieve many of the symptoms during the different stages of menopause. Most of the problems that your body faces during the various stages of menopause are due to the changing levels of hormones in your body. If you go for natural medicines which can regulate the levels of hormones in your body, you will be relieved from most of these symptoms.

Hormone yoga therapy

And selling new idea but one that is nevertheless believed to be extremely effective is a hormone yoga therapy, a natural treatment method that is becoming increasingly popular.

This therapy is directed towards stimulating your nervous system and your glandular system. There are five energy centers in your body,
known in ancient Indian philosophy as „chakras’. These chakras govern the ebb and flow of energy within your body.

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Hormone yoga therapy is based on a program of exercises and stimuli that are targeted at stimulating these chakras and keeping your body and mind in the best possible health.

Why should you go for hormone yoga therapy?

Hormone yoga therapy is great for women who are suffering from the problems during the different stages of menopause. During these stages, the hormone levels of your body keep gradually decreasing as you gradually near the end of your reproductive years. Although this is a natural process, the body is abruptly affected by these changes and there are many signs and effects of the hormonal changes in your body, like hot flushes, mood swings, weight gain or really short attention spans. Hormone yoga therapy works by ensuring that your body and your mind remain as unaffected as possible by these adverse effects, while ensuring that you also remain fit and healthy at the same time.

This therapy works by focusing a lot of attention on your adrenal glands and making them stronger because they will gradually take over the mantle of hormone production from the ovaries. It also works with the pineal gland, whose well being determines our mental state.

Dinah Rodrigues, a famous Brazilian yoga expert, has come up with Hath yoga poses which are based on the Kundalini yoga postures.
These postures help a woman to remain in the best of health even during the initial onset and progress of menopause.

This particular program of exercises keeps your body beautiful and your mind at peace. Learning these techniques is not very difficult and you can start practicing them within a very short period of time. These exercises are meant for women because they affect the woman’s overall well being in a great positive manner.

If you go for hormone yoga therapy, it will provide relief from the adverse effects of menopause. Menopause is a natural process and thus, you should try to make the process easy for yourself and gradually step from your reproductive years to the next stage.

In order to make this process free from pain or stress, you should definitely consider using hormone yoga therapy.

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